25 facts about me

1. My full name is Diana Veronica Zalesakova.
2. I live in Slovakia.
3. I was born on 15th December 1998.
4. I am Sagittarius.
5. I am 169 cm tall.
6. I used to be a morning person. I am still a bit, but I would like to be more a morning person.
7. I am a polyvore member.
8. My eyecolour is blue.
9. I have sister, called Emma.
10. I was dancing for about 10 years.
11. I have no tattoo and no piercing.
12. I can speak English, Slovak, a bit German and a little bit Swedish.
13. My favourite movie is Breakfast club.
14. My favourite TV shows are The Royals, Pretty little liars and Scream Queens.
15. My favourite colour is Blue.
16. My favourite quote is – ‘Plan B cancels the plan A’.
17. I used to be so obsessed of One Direction, so I and my friend started a website about them.
18. 17th fact means that I had a crush on one member of 1D. It was Zayn.
19. I am studing at bilingual grammar school. Later on, I would love to study Architecture on University.
20. My favourite subject is Math or German.
21. My favourite comedian is Ellen Degenerous.
22. I love song – Make you stay by The Girl and the Dreamcatcher.
23. I don’t like tomatoes and watermelon.
24. One day, I would like to live near beach or at least have a view of sea.
25. You can find me as Sidissi on all social medias.


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